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ARTime - Time for art!

.. developed out of the fields of art, design and interior-design.
Together we experience, how art is develops to be a constant part of our lifestyle.
Well-chosen art, suitably placed and composed, creates a unique opportunity to enrich rooms, living- or working spaces and thus, inspires our emotions.

ARTime has commited itself to this task.

Owner and employees bring as interior designers many years of intercultural and practical experience from the world of design, arrangement and art.

Constantly searching for the new and exceptional, a well-established and exciting network evolved with professional and valuable expertise and consulting from creative experts aller couleur.

For our clients, this is reflected in the selection and configuration of the ARTime art-supply, containing mostly modern art and setting individual and multi-faceted courses in living spaces.
ARTime presents works of established artists and graduates of the academy of arts. It supports young talents and accompanies promising art-students in their development.

ARTime supports you in your passion for art and your joy in art-design.

Choose between numerous large-sized original pictures on your visit in our gallery to prices until max. 990,- Euro.

Design is our profession, … what can be more beautiful to connect this with valuable art.
We look forward to your contact, - or even better -, to your visit!

Martin Kiefer and ARTime-Team

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