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  • "Abstract Ebene" - modern mural handpainted on canvas
    175 x 85 cm - sold
  • "Der Weg zum Glück" - acrylic, mixed media on canvas
    180 x 110 cm
  • "Comp. Seven Colors" - abstract painting in acrylic
    140 x 140 cm - sold

Art as part of corporate culture!

More identification with real art. Combine corporate content with cultural aspects and communicate the values ​​and qualities of your company, which can not be transmitted through facts and figures. Use the emotional effects of visual communication through art.

Encourage customers and employees with an atmosphere that promotes identification and motivation and, with sophisticated, lively art, adapted to the needs of the rooms and businesses, is a missing highlight in a sober work environment. All rooms are suitable: entrance and reception areas, waiting areas, meeting rooms, event rooms as well as office rooms.

Set accents! Emphasize through contrasts! They are in the trend of the times when art enters your company. Create your own image! Invest in the individual room design and the company presentation by means of art and buy artistic acrylic and wall paintings.

A great painting can fulfill numerous purposes, but emotions are always aroused and an inspiring environment of communication created.

An easy to achieve value! Abstract, modern paintings for the office buy. Art as part of corporate culture!



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