• "Elements of Color" - abstract acrylic painting with structure
    160 x 125 cm
  • "Spuren im Kosmos" - large acrylic painting on canvas
    155 x 130 cm
  • "Formationen" - modern painting in acrylic spatula technique
    100 x 100 cm

"Beautiful living" with real art.

An expressive painting is often the famous "i" point that brings your living environment to life. Whether small or large, in the representation abstract, representational, color intensive or reserved is a matter of your personal taste and coordination to the spatial conditions.

It is a basic need to set up your own four walls tastefully, creating an individual feel-good atmosphere. Matching art prints can influence the ambiance of a room and thus the well-being. Make the right decision, in which you can also decide your emotions, your stomach when you buy your murals.

The ARTIME gallery offers an uncomplicated, exceptional and at the same time effective concept for the creative enrichment of their living spaces with exciting modern art by international artists at attractive prices. It allows you to create your own absolutely individual style of furnishing.

Contemporary and modern murals have become a standard in the field of living. For professional advice, owners and employees as interior designers bring many years of intercultural practical experience from the world of design, design and art.

For our customers, this is reflected in the selection and compilation of the ARTime art range - mainly modern painting - which allows for a multifaceted and individual setting and contrasts in living spaces.

Her home is enhanced by these representative, unique works of abstract painting. At the same time, you are making a valuable contribution to promoting art and culture.



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