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MMK1 - Museum of Modern Art

27.10.2018 - 31.03.2019


Violence finds its expression in the innovative not exclusively in social action, in place of omnipresent objects, utensils and urban structures. The severity of aggression is formed in shape as well as material. The geometrical rigor suggests property, the reflected light of the metallic surfaces performs distance. The texture, gloss and hardness of the resistant materials bear witness to scale and power, and give the items a quick brutality.

In her work Cady Noland (* 1956) lays bare the very violence that we encounter every day in areas of spatial and ideological demarcation. Thereby she exposes the alleged neutrality of material and quality. The seemingly sharp separation together with objects and subjects becomes blurred; the incessant interactions become evident.

Source: (Website MMK1)

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