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February 10 to May 16, 2021

For the artist Caroline Monnet (* 1985), the Atlantic connects both sides of her identity, which is shaped by her Algonquin ancestors in Canada and her French ones in Europe. In the publicly accessible rotunda, the SCHIRN is presenting Monnet's immersive video work Transatlantic (2018, 15 min.), Which documents the artist's 22-day journey on a cargo ship from Europe to Canada. In a cinematic montage, the images of the crossing, mirrored on the central axis and underlaid by a trance-like soundtrack made up of radio frequencies and Morse code, create a haunting pull. This contrasts with the statics of the three concrete spheres PROXIMAL I, II, III (2018/2020), with which Monnet combines her video work in the SCHIRN into a haunting installation. The spherical sculptures refer inter alia. on lunar cycles, which play a central role in the Algonquin tradition. The installation also illuminates the effects of the colonial history between Europe and North America, of trade and migration as well as the traumatic experiences of the indigenous people. The theme of the representation of indigenous peoples and cultures in today's society runs through all of Monnet's work. At the SCHIRN, her installation TRANSATLANTIC enters into a dialogue with paintings by the Canadian Group of Seven, which are being shown at the same time in the MAGNETIC NORTH exhibition.Source: (Website Schirn)

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