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DIE NEUE HEIMAT (1950-1982)

A Social Democratic Utopia and its Buildings
14 March - 11 October 2020, 1st floor

EXHIBITION OPENING: Fri, 13 March 2020 \ 7 pm, DAM Auditorium

The New Home was the largest and most important non-state housing construction company in post-war Europe. In a period of over thirty years, the union company planned and built more than 400,000 homes. The Neue Heimat projects are both the result of a unique interplay of economic interests and politics, and an expression and reflection of the social history of the Federal Republic of Germany. The scandalous collapse of the company in the early eighties came as a shock to the West German population and marked the end of an era.
For the first time in an architecture exhibition, the buildings and projects of Neue Heimat are analysed using outstanding examples and presented in historical Fotogra?en, film productions, plan materials and original models.

Source: (Website DAM)

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