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13 FEBRUARY 2020 – 24 MAY 2020

Goddess, devil, doll, fetish, child-woman or wonderful dream creature - the woman was the decisive theme of surrealistic male fantasies. Several times, women artists succeeded in penetrating the circle around the theme of the founder of the group of surrealists André Breton merely as partners or models. A closer look, however, reveals that the participation of women artists in the movement was much greater than generally reputable and portrayed.

These days, the SCHIRN is presenting the female contribution to surrealism for the first time in a large thematic exhibition. What primarily distinguishes the female artists from their male colleagues is the reversal of perspective: often by questioning their own mirror image or taking on different roles, they are in search of a new kind of female model of identity. In their works, the Surrealists also deal with current political events, literature and non-European myths and religions. With 260 impressive circular paintings, works on paper, sculptures, photographs and films by 34 international women artists, the exhibition presents a diverse spectrum of style and content. In addition to famous women such as Louise Bourgeois, Frida Kahlo or Meret Oppenheim, numerous unknown, exciting personalities from more than three decades of surrealist art, such as Alice Rahon or Kay Sage, can be discovered.

An exhibition of the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT in cooperation with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Gattung, Humlebæk.


Source: (Website Schirn)

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