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Hannah Ryggen


SEPTEMBER 26, 2019 - JANUARY 12, 2020

Hannah Ryggen weaves stories of astounding relevance. Their monumental tapestries boldly address the fundamental issues of life in our society: the atrocities of war, abuse of power, our attachment to nature, and our connection to our families and fellow human beings. From a small self-sufficient farm on the west coast of Norway, the Swedish-Norwegian artist created an impressive, politically inspired work. It launched pictorial attacks on Hitler, Franco and Mussolini and was clearly audible for the victims of fascism and National Socialism. On the occasion of Norway's guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019, the SCHIRN is presenting an extraordinary solo exhibition, which for the first time grants the public in Germany a comprehensive insight into Ryggen's oeuvre. In the tapestries shown in spherical 25, Hannah Ryggen is presented equally as a representative of another genre of New, in which elements of folk art and mythology mix with themes of contemporary life. In this context, she explored a whole new spectrum of motifs and used a traditional medium for a novel purpose: to communicate her strong political messages to the public with tapestries that could be moved from place to place.

Source: (Website Schirn)

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