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Lee Krasner


OCTOBER 11, 2019 - JANUARY 12, 2020

A pioneer of abstract expressionism can be seen in more than 50 annos in a major retrospective in Europe again: Lee Krasner. The SCHIRN exhibition tells the story of one of the most unerring artists of the 20th century. Presented is the complete work of the American, including self-portraits, nudes in charcoal, the strictly geometric Little Images or groundbreaking paintings of the Prophecy series, experimental masterpieces of the Umber and Primary series and late collages. Lee Krasner was a member of the American Abstract Artists and had friendships with Ray Eames, Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline. For a long time she stood as an artist in the shadow of her husband Jackson Pollock. After his early death in a car accident in 1956, she decided to use Pollock's studio, thereby initiating a newfangled phase of her artistic career. For the first time she was able to work on monumental, unrestrained canvases. Some of her most important works were created, including a. "The Guardian", "Happy Lady", "Combat" or "Siren". Unlike alternative artists of their time, who also painted non-representationally, Krasner by no means developed a "signature style", instead their practice with the class reflected on continually reinventing their imagery.

Source: (Website Schirn)

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