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Lotte Laserstein

Städel Museum

19.09.2018 -17.03.2019

Lotte Laserstein - Face to Face

The Frankfurt Städel Museum demonstrates the painter Lotte Laserstein (1898-1993) in a comprehensive solo exhibition. Lasersteins oeuvre is one of the major rediscoveries of recent years and is characterized by sensitive as well as insistently created portraits from the late Anno of the Weimar Republic. The show builds on the collection holdings of the Städel Museum, which was able to acquire essential works by the artist in 1933, with the paintings "Russian Girl with Powder Can" from 1928 and "Boy with Kasper Doll (Wolfgang Karger)" from 1933. On the basis of spherical 40 paintings and drawings, the exhibition takes a look at Lasersteins artistic direction. The focus is on her works of the 1920s and 1930s, which mark the highlight of her work. "Lotte Laserstein. Face to Face "is the first solo presentation of the artist in Germany external to Berlin.

Source: (website Städel)

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