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Manuel Franke

Städel Museum

20.6. -23.09.2018

Manuel Franke - Colormaster F

As part of the "In the Städel Garden" series, the Düsseldorf artist Manuel Franke (born 1964) has developed a monumental, 50-meter-long and 2.5-meter high work of art for the garden of the Städel Museum. From June 20 to September 23, the Städel Garden between Museum and Städelschule will receive a new, physically tangible border through this expansive gesture. Half sculpture, half painting, "Colormaster F" opposes a curved membrane in bright monochrome colors on the grassy area bordered on three sides by buildings.

As an insurmountable obstacle, Frankes object obscures the usual view, but makes the lawn hill in a completely new way tangible. "Colormaster F" not only changes the garden in its spatial constellation, but also creates another, additional space within the garden, which is both open and closed.

In addition, the artwork invites visitors to play, explore and linger, allowing one summer to experience a completely new and interactive experience of the familiar Städel Garden.

Source: (website Städel)

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