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Modernism in Frankfurt

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January 19 - April 14, 2019

Modernism in Frankfurt


In the 1920s Annos Frankfurt am Main conceived itself as a center of the new design concept. On the way to an innovative urban culture, Frankfurt designers design newfangled forms for all areas of life.

The "New Frankfurt" is not exhausted in the familiar housing program initiated by Ernst May. From the 1920s onwards, urban utopia encompasses Anno's universal quality in fashion, interior, industrial, product and communication design. With innovative forms, the applied and liberal arts permeate all regions of human life. In combination with accelerated industrialization and the expansion of local regions, Innovative Frankfurt is to form a newfangled urban society. Significant protagonists are the resurrected mass, the municipal building authority both the art school Frankfurt, under Fritz Wichert undergoes an immense reorientation. But also additional associations and interest groups committed to the new design and a captivating number of private entrepreneurs carry the Innovative am Main. They all work with their work on the aesthetic and social redesign in the sense of the New Frankfurt.

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