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Netherlandish Drawings
of the Eighteenth Century

With an estimated 600 sheets, the Städel Museum has one of the most extensive collections of 18th-century Dutch drawings outside the Netherlands and Belgium. The Städel is devoting a special exhibition to this valuable stock from October 1, 2020 to January 10, 2021. On display will be 81 representative drawings by artists who are no longer in widespread use today, but who were often extremely successful in their day. They illustrate, for example, the architecture of the collection's holdings, the spectrum of content, and the artistic standards. The hand drawings, which are usually perfect in terms of their imagery and several times just as colorful, served the curiosity of the enlightened citizens of the 18th century and their need for exchange and information. A culture of conversation was cultivated with other art enthusiasts through photos from the side of the viewer, who could view the drawings together.

The exhibition includes designs for wall and ceiling decorations by Jacob de Wit, book illustrations by Bernard Picart, Dutch topographies by Cornelis Pronk, Paulus Constantijn la Fargue or Hendrik Schepper, atmospherically composed landscape drawings by Jacob Cats, the brothers Jacob and Abraham van Strij or by Franciscus Andreas Milatz, decorative flower and fruit still lifes by Jan van Huysum and his numerous successors as well as depictions of exotic animals by Aert Schouman or satirical genre scenes by Cornelis Troost and Jacobus Buys. The desired works impressively illustrate the improvement and emancipation of drawing in 18th-century Holland, as well as the regularly sought-after engagement with the art of the 17th century, the so-called Dutch "Golden Age".

Source: (website Städel)

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