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6. FEBRUAR 2020 – 3. MAI 2020

Like no other artist of his time, Richard Jackson dedicated himself to the radical expansion of painting. The American artist breaks the formal boundaries of painting and performs situations in which he combines the application of paint with the use of machines with the processual.

The SCHIRN is the first exhibition to bring together five of his twelve existing characteristic rooms - spatial installations based on the principle of automated painting. Here Jackson combines critical commentaries on painting with social contexts, pairs them with provocative wit and ambiguities as well as references to iconic works by artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. In the rooms, comic-like figures, animals or objects become actors in a unique process, in the course of which air compressors and pumps let saturated paint flow through hoses and funnels, via ears, mouths and additional body orifices, in order to distribute it on the floor, walls, furniture and the protagonists themselves. The thematic rooms document a painting that is detached from the artist and expands into the spatial. The audience becomes an investigator of the preceding spectacular act of painting and a voyeur of bizarre scenarios.


Source: (Website Schirn)

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