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The Mysteries of Material

The Mysteries of Material


Kirchner, Heckel and Schmidt-Rottluff

No material is more closely connected with the art of German Expressionism than wood. This natural, grown material attracted the "bridge" founders Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Heckel and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. In dialogue with the material, they created woodcuts and sculptures of great expressive power, the interactions of which trace the exhibition.

For Kirchner (1880-1938), Heckel (1883-1970) and Schmidt-Rottluff (1884-1976), the exploration of this natural material began with the woodcut - a graphic process in which the depiction was like a relief into a predominantly thin one Wood panel is cut. The three artists also teased the immense experimental potential of such printing technique as did the work with the material. Dealing with the peculiarities of the different types of wood and the perspectives of technology is a recurrent theme in her oeuvre. Furthermore, they worked as exclusive representatives of the "bridge" intensively and over a longer period of time with the wood sculpture. For example, at the same time as the early "bridge" woodcuts, the first sculptures were created, whose formal and substantive effects on the woodcut reverberated in their processing - and vice versa.

In the exhibition "Mystery of Matter. Kirchner, Heckel and Schmidt-Rottluff "together the Städel 98 woodcuts, 12 sculptures and 5 printing blocks. A large part of the works comes from own inventory, from the collection Carl Hagemann, which is occasionally extended by loans.

Source: (Städel Museum)

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