Exhibition tips - FRANKFURT am MAIN

Kunsthalle Schirn

23.8. - 28.10.2018


The SCHIRN becomes a stage - in a unique project by award-winning video and installation artist Neïl Beloufa. In different rooms outside the classic exhibition areas, he creates sceneries for his latest works. The center and starting point is the...

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Städel Museum

20.6. -23.09.2018

Manuel Franke - Colormaster F

As part of the "In the Städel Garden" series, the Düsseldorf artist Manuel Franke (born 1964) has developed a monumental, 50-meter-long and 2.5-meter high work of art for the garden of the Städel Museum. From June 20 to September 23,...

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Museum of Applied Arts

09.06. - 14.10.2018

Michael Riedel - Graphic as event

At the center of the exhibition, in addition to current works, is the "Signet Drawing" (1994-95), a spectacular early work by the Frankfurt-based artist, which can be seen for the first time in its entirety. In 2016 it was...

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MMK1 - Museum of Modern Art

30.05. - 09.09.2018

Social facades - A dialogue of the collections of the MMK and the DekaBank

The MMK Museum for Modern Art Frankfurt am Main and DekaBank have a long-standing partnership in the expansion of the museum collection and as a founding partner of the MMK 2....

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MMK1 - Museum of Modern Art

24.05. — 09.09.2018


With works by Cao Fei, Richard Mosse and Paulo Nazareth, the exhibition EXTREME. NOMAD's forms of nomadic existence, which are conditioned by extreme political, economic and social developments of our time. It is not just...

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DAM German Architecture Museum

- permanent exhibition -

From the Urhütte to the skyscraper - A journey through the history of architecture

The permanent exhibition of the DAM "From the Urhütte to the skyscraper" shows Germany's most comprehensive collection of model panoramas on architectural...

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DAM German Architecture Museum


BICYCLE! The reconquest of the city

Well-designed public spaces are an important task for urban planning and landscape architecture. The third actor on this limited area is traffic planning. Cycling plays a central, connecting role in all these...

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