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Arrange pictures - hang pictures

Beautiful pictures deserve a well-chosen staging for the appropriate attention.

  • Arrange pictue on wall

1. General

The placement of a picture should be related to the interior design space situation. So it makes sense to consider authoritative lines of the room in which the painting is to be hung. These include doors, windows, shelves and furniture. For example, you can align the top of paintings with doors and windows. At a staircase, for example, the pictures are arranged in line with the course of the stairs. Several paintings are aligned either on the central axis (imaginary line) or the lower or upper edges in a line, so that a coherent overall picture is created.

In the end, the position of the picture also determines how the observer moves through the room and at which height he looks at a picture.



  • Hang picture on wall

2. Guide values

2.1. Optimally, works with their image center at eye level (1.50 to 1.60 m). For a harmonious overall picture, deviations are of course possible, taking into account the existing interior or special room situations.
For example, in the living room, the pictures are often perceived as hanging too high, as they are mostly viewed from a sitting position, but mounted upright.

2.2. Above furniture such as e.g. a sofa, a hanging with a distance of 20 - 30 cm between sofa and picture is sufficient. For a balanced ratio, the image width should not exceed 2/3 to 3/4 of the furniture below.

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