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Frequently Asked Questions

- Do you deliver?

In the Frankfurt metropolitan area we offer free delivery of purchased art items. Further, shipping costs arise for purchases within and outside of Germany. These will be asked for seperatly of our partners of logistics and will be send to you via email beforehand.

- Are there artist vitas corresponding to the paintings?

With the purchase of a painting you are able to receive a short vita of the equivalent artist on request.

- Are the paintings strained on a stretcher?

All of the paintings are unicats and strained on stretchers. The edges are protected with narrow gallery wooden strips for the handling and the transportation. These will be easily removed for the final mounting.

- Is it possible to have a montage on site?

We would like to assist you here as well. Yet, it depends on the extent of the art item and should thus be discussed individually.

- Is there a possibilty to view paintings outside business hours?

We offer our customers and prospective buyers appointments outside regular opening times. Herewith we ask for a mandatory interest in the purchase of our paintings or art objects.

- Do you have commission painting?

As this is a highly difficult topic and from experience rarely leading to a full success and satisfasction of the participants (customer, gallery, artist), we ask for your understanding that we do not offer commission painting.

- Is there an assistance for consulting on site?

ARTime interior architects assist you on request on site and help you with the choice of paintings, regarding motives, colors, proportions and placement. The request on consulting must be checked in individual cases.

- Do you equip individal companies?

Of course we do equip companies. Our great variety of products and our ARTime experts make this to one of our key aspects. According to requirements content, branch, or company specific criteria is regarded next to spatial and artistic aspects.

- Do you rent paintings?

It depends on the general conditions as for instance the specified period, the amount of paintings and the locality. In case of interest we will make you a quotation according to your requirements.

- Is there a possibiltiy to receive notifications regarding new items?

In case of interest please send us your contact informations and we will personally inform you about new art objects. It is furthermore worth to consider a regular visit in our online gallery as an alternative.

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