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"Aufbau in Blau" - abstract painting, painted on canvas

160 x 125 cm - sold

Art for your Office

Artworks have a positive effect on the workplace and employees

So if you still do not hang art pictures with him at the office, you should think about to change this. Whether modern paintings in abstract or representational figurative style - art is extremely versatile and individually. See for yourself in our photo gallery Artime!

Artworks create an inspiring atmosphere

The choice of art depends on you personally and on the effect that want to achieve you. Basically, it is first of all important that the artworks selected for setup and design of the office fit. For if the works of art and the establishment stylistically not tolerate this contributes more in a atmoshärischen unrest.

Sober and technically equipped workplaces tolerate very good color more intense and lively designs. Is your office on the other hand already colorful, bring rather more subtle art a desired contrast. The same applies when an elegant feel to be achieved. Here an effect noble accents is achieved with a few selected quiet and simple artworks that complement Office furniture and complement the theme quietly.

Which artwork you ultimately choose, depends both on your personal taste, as well as setting up your office. It is about a harmonious overall concept in which you selected artworks are visually appealing and well placed.

Art arouses emotions

It is no secret that art is primarily a matter of perception. People holistically respond Art. After artworks were observed with the eyes, the information is processed in the brain and trigger a corresponding body reaction when it touches us in any manner. Only in the following step takes place factually informed discussion of the artwork.

Different art triggers the viewer different reactions. Basically, art relaxes us or stimulated, distracts us by stimulating our imagination or affects our emotional mood. But one thing always happens: it arouses emotions. Therefore, they can of course also in the office a positive effect on ourselves and the way we work have.

Added value of art in the workplace
Well-being and satisfaction >>> motivation and productivity

In an aesthetically pleasing environment, the satisfaction of the individual increases. This in turn has an impact on working as well as and above all. Whoever feels comfortable at his workplace, is also much more willing to spend a long time there and put all his energy into the work. Art therefore have a positive effect on the working environment, and can even increase productivity

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