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97 x 97 cm

Art or Trash?

Trash has nothing to offer that you do not already know. For trash the mass is symptomatic. The limitation is art. This limited availability of art is always a sign of quality.

Trash and art form a contradiction in the evaluation. However, - Trash was once outside the value system of art. Times seem to have changed. Today even renowned art galleries once again exhibit works of art which were long outlawed as trash. One now opens the door to the "art" to the trash, who is described as superficial and not authentic.

How could this art be revaluated? For 100 years, taboo smuggling and crossing borders have been a principle of art. In this tradition, the art scene, consisting of avant-garde artists, gallery owners, museums, art critics, always extends the general concept of art.

Trash Art. Their artistic nutritional value is very modest. The label "art" owes it to the market alone. This market is determined by potent art collectors, who make money the difference between art and non-art. Works with high auction results, are automatically free of kitschverdacht.

Trash is not always easy to identify. But whatever money money is paid, one remains valid: Art can fight, seek, question and also fail. What can the trah do? He can only please himself. If for the viewer everything is pure enjoyment, only his feelings are served, if no questions arise, it only has an effect, then the quality is a big question mark. The crossroads between art and trash.

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