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145 x 70 cm - verkauft

Better Living with Art

On the subject of "Living with Art", Galerie Artime her confidence for contemporary trends. The always-updated presentations of contemporary painting in medium and large formats offer multiple design options at an affordable price.

Modern Paintings - quality and craftsmanship


In the gallery Artime art lovers, art lovers or just art strollers are welcome. It needs no one more torment by the art world, because the usual inhibitions are not available in this gallery. The selection of modern, affordable paintings in large and medium formats is handsome. The viewer gets already times in the situation that he may hardly decide in this diverse collection of stunning unique pieces, which is the most beautiful paintings. Some images, abstract and figurative, are characterized by their strong color composition, others by their skillful simplicity and third parties through a massive application of paint and the relief-like structures spatula.

Art unique - An expression of personal lifestyle


Together with the gallery customer concepts are developed to his individual interior, so that the acquisition of the art object contribute to a genuine enrichment of the atmosphere. A painting can be either integrated into a room atmosphere, and contrast these. It is certain that living rooms appear inspiring and alive through art. For this gallery director Martin Kiefer: "The choice of an image is always a very personal decision, it is our concern that our customers - on request with an accompanying advice - see the pictures.."

"NICE PRICE" - Valuable modern art at low prices in Frankfurt


The gallery is a young Artime picture gallery which pursues an exception to ordinary art market concept of the art trade. She works with a larger pool together trained artist and supports them in their work, to buy in the pictures regularly directly from the studios. Thus the regional and international artists will be offered a prestigious platform in the exhibition rooms of the art gallery and they can concentrate fully on her artistic work. With the selection of pictures, this gallery is a tip for all who are looking for a suitable, inexpensive original paintings for your home or office. In the online photo gallery there are numerous art deals with detailed information and details.

For the visitor, the gallery Artime in Frankfurt is very easy to reach. It is located in Schiller Passage, in the city center in the pedestrian zone near Zeil / Hauptwache and provides permanently an impressive selection of large and small modern paintings, abstract and figurative painting. Prices range from 20 € for small works of art and a maximum of € 990 for large real art Images.

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