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Frames are not art

To change an old frame in size so that it fits a modern picture, according to recognized "framed artists" is not a sacrilege. Just as little as the replica of old frames. "Frames are not art".

With the advent of modernism, the rich variety of "old" picture frames has been replaced more and more by a simple design. The Bauhaus movement and the Bauhaus style also shaped and supported this development with a very strict and clear design. The painting should retain its originality and the frame should be an accentuation.

When painting on canvas, artists today often forego framing. The framing of an artwork or canvas image ensures greater stability of the stretcher and counteracts the undesirable occurrence of distortion effects of the stretcher by temperature and humidity fluctuations. In addition, similar frames enhance the series effect of related works of art.

In addition to these functions, the picture frame today has a great importance in the living environment, furnishings, interior design and interior design.

A modern and discreet framing, for example, is the shadow gap frame. The L-frame profiles bolted on the back keep the painted side surfaces of the canvas visible and the pictures gain volume.

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