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160 x 125 cm

Habitat as a staging

In a home environment consisting of discordant elements, it depends on the inspiring moments. The interplay of shapes, materials and colors are of major importance for a room atmosphere - stylish, consistent, corresponding and contrasting.

The effect of modern art in our home


Also for lovers of puristic living style belongs art to an inspirational interior design. Different contemporary art is used to respond to interior architectural peculiarities or distract them. Striking murals give rooms more stress and put decorative color contrasts and accents. Artworks that speak to us, often reflect our feelings or accentuate memories. Whether an abstract painting as a focal point above the fireplace or on the desktop - through art work living spaces inspiring and alive.

What kind of art paintings fit?


Think before making a purchase decision, first to your device: by the way can be young and abstract art combined very well with rustic furniture or antiques. A Pop Art Painting, however, can emphasize the design of a modern furniture. Also, the insertion site should be taken into account when making your selection. Unique works of art need space and take effect only when there is enough space. Is for the selected mural found an appropriate position, you can put it through a lighting again promoting this topic.

Art for home & office


Each plant would be a place in your home where it can be appreciated and admired accordingly. Select the placement of paintings special places that act as eye-catching and attract the attention of visitors. The entrance to a staircase or the end of a long corridor are well-suited as a location. Also, the living room or office, you can turn with one or more paintings on the walls in a private gallery. If space allows, then offer diptych or triptych outstanding visual effect.

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