Courage to Art

The ARTime Gallery also convinces in the F.A.Z. - "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung".

".... about the charm of works of art in their own four walls ..."

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Beautiful life with art!

"... whoever likes to be surrounded by art, is guaranteed to be his original painting in this young gallery of modern painting, each one of its kind, with its inspiring art, creating a unique and unmistakable ambience for your living and business ...

... be inspired by an impressive selection of modern paintings at affordable prices ... "

Living with art

"... for the design of residential and business premises ... can be selected from a variety of formats and styles of contemporary painting ... originals directly from the studios of international artists ... affordable modern art without renouncing quality, individuality and authenticity ... "

Galerie ARTime

"Art is an eye-catcher and not merely a capital investment: As a specialist for contemporary, large-format paintings at fair prices, the Frankfurt Galerie ARTime offers its own concept beyond the traditional art market ... to the feeling of interior design Spliet for furnishings, spaces and colors Leave ... unique, authentic paintings at affordable prices ... from studios of international artists ... "

... and the beauty: every picture is unique!

"Art can give a special atmosphere to dwellings and offices, it is decorative and it is possible to put the viewer in a very specific mood ... with this background knowledge, the interior designers of the ARTIME gallery will be happy to advise their customers ... they can be in the gallery And also choose from an abundance of contemporary modern art in different styles ... Art does not have to be expensive ... "

... Art does not have to be expensive! ...

"... the gallery ARTime has completely detached itself from the traditional art market and surprised with sophisticated art, which remains affordable ..."

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