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"Sommerland" - abstract painting with structure on canvas

180 x 110 cm - sold

The Effect of Colors

Color can be used to create a specific mood in living spaces and offices. Read the effect of the individual colors here:


is the color of fire, of love and passion, but also of anger.

In rooms, red should only be used as an impulse, too much red makes you restless.


is the symbolic color for optimism and joie de vivre. Orange is a mood enhancer and stands for open-mindedness, sociability and self-confidence.

In orange-colored rooms, conviviality is encouraged and cosiness is radiated. Orange is the ideal color for rooms with little natural light as well as for kitchens or dining rooms.


is the color of the sun. Yellow stands for light, optimism and joy. Clear yellow also stands for knowledge, reason and logic.

Yellow makes small rooms appear larger. Since it promotes concentration and creativity as well as stimulating conversations, yellow is the ideal color for children's rooms and conference rooms.


is the color of nature. It calms, harmonizes and stands for security and hope.

In rooms, green ensures peace, security and creativity and is therefore ideal in work rooms - even if it "only" appears in the form of plants.


is a cool, fresh color. Turquoise conveys intellectual openness and freedom, but can also appear distant. Turquoise-colored rooms look cool but personal.


The color of the sky stands for calm, trust and longing.

Small rooms appear larger with a blue paint. It is often used in rooms that are used for relaxation, especially in bedrooms.


stands for dignity, mysticism and protection. The color of inspiration and art is extravagant. Violet can appear proud and arrogant, but it also supports concentration and self-confidence.

Purple has a calming effect in living rooms, but is more suitable for reception rooms.

Magenta / Pink and Pink

are soft colors which, as flowers, are a source of joy in nature. They embody idealism, order, and compassion. They give inner freedom and convey security.

According to experts, pink is the most suitable color for bedrooms because it soothes and relieves aggression.


is a symbol of purity, clarity and innocence. White is a magical color that can be used for any other color because its light spectrum contains almost all colors.

In rooms, white is the ideal combination color. It neutralizes, brightens and invigorates.


is the color of complete neutrality and restraint, therefore gray should only be used as a combination color in rooms.


is the calm earth color. It conveys a feeling of security and material security. Brown rooms have a rustic, calming and balancing effect. Earth tones such as ocher or sienna can be used in almost all rooms..

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