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The right painting size

The right painting size. How big should the new painting be?

There is no ONE picture size for different room situations.

In addition to weighing up whether the new image of motif, texture and color fits into the intended place and whether it also fulfills its function and purpose there, a natural feeling for dimensions and proportions is required for a successful visual effect. If the proportions are correct, the result is a harmonious structure and design of the surfaces.

The right painting format. Which format orientation is the right one?

What effect do the square or a rectangle have in portrait or landscape format?
Should a landscape-format picture go over a landscape-format piece of furniture?

The same applies here: There is no ONE picture format for different room situations.

Basically, the following design principles apply: the square conveys a neutral, balanced and calm impression. On the other hand, a standing or lying rectangle conveys a direction, either vertically or horizontally.
With a good combination, however, several rectangles, different orientations, tranquility and balance can also be achieved in the total area. The work of art unfolds its full effectiveness when the image format and the room harmonize with one another.

Often pictures / paintings are sought for placement above a piece of furniture and just as often there is uncertainty in assessing the appropriate painting size and format (square, portrait or landscape).

With the following compilation we visualize some proportionally coherent painting sizes, here using the example of a practical room height of 2.60 m and a 2-seater or 3-seater couch.
In this way, the effect of the different image formats can be recognized and provides assistance for the ideal design solution for different spatial conditions.

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