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Street Art

With some first large-format works, we have added a new topic to our portfolio: STREET ART

What is street art?

An exact year for the creation of street art cannot be named, but it can be said that street art would not exist without graffiti.

When we speak of street art today, it primarily means the further development of classic graffiti art. The street with its walls and facades serves as a gallery for a global phenomenon of a culture, which is an illegal intrusion into public space without being asked. However, since street art techniques overlap with graffiti, street art has often been referred to as urban art, post-graffiti, or stencil graffiti. The concept of street art only became established in 2005/06.

Classic graffiti is a competition for fame, recognition, discipline and respect within an artistic scene in the immediate urban space of an actor. In order to stand out from the crowd, simple pseudonyms soon turned into complex typefaces consisting of letters, numbers, symbols and characters. If the walls and facades of a city are painted with identical colors and writings, a stick figure, a rat or a clenched fist become a visual crown. So over the years the transition from classic graffiti to street art began.

If vandalism is spoken of in graffiti these days, the art form street art stands for individuality, liveliness and, above all, creativity. However, this form of art is not considered as such by every viewer and remains a crime in both cases.

Most actors act in their direct living environment. However, there are exceptions that operate globally and leave their pieces around the world. Today street art can be found in all major cities of the world - such as New York, Barcelona, ​​Rome or London.

Street Art, with its similarities to the visual arts, e.g. in contrast to Grafitti, found a better entry in the visual arts. That is certainly one of the reasons the fact that street art overlaps and parallels with other art movements such as Dadaism, Situationism, Land Art or comics.

Synonymies with Pop Art

The art movement Pop Art originated in the 1950s and is strongly oriented towards everyday culture, the mass media and advertising. Technically speaking, Pop Art uses photo montage and screen printing. With the help of this technology, a reproduction of the motifs is possible, which can also be modified at any time.

We find the same technology in street art. The focus is on repeating the same motifs. Andy Warhol is one of the most important artists in pop art culture.

(Internet-Source: S. Senger, bachelor thesis 01/2013, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences)

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